Gene View: PPP2R2B
Graphical View PPP2R2B
IGVdb Gene Report
Gene Description protein phosphatase 2 (formerly 2A); regulatory subunit B (PR 52); beta isoform
Gene Symbol PPP2R2B Entrez Gene ID 5521
OMIM ID 604325 Chromosome 5
Orientation - Cytoposition 5q31-5q32
Chromosome Start 145949260 Chromosome End 146441207
Contig Id NT_029289.10 Ensembl ID
Contig Start 7132003 Contig End 7623950
Transcription Code NM_181678.1 Protein Code NP_858061.1
Gene/Disease Relationship
1 .  respiratory syncytial virus infection
2 .   Spinocerebellar ataxia 12
Gene/Pathway Relationship
1 .  Long-term depression
2 .  Wnt signaling pathway
3 .  Tight junction
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