Gene View: ADRB2
Graphical View ADRB2
IGVdb Gene Report
Gene Description adrenergic; beta-2-; receptor; surface
Gene Symbol ADRB2 Entrez Gene ID 154
OMIM ID 109690 Chromosome 5
Orientation + Cytoposition 5q31-q32
Chromosome Start 148186369 Chromosome End 148188379
Contig Id NT_029289.10 Ensembl ID
Contig Start 9369112 Contig End 9371122
Transcription Code NM_000024.3 Protein Code NP_000015.1
Gene/Disease Relationship
1 .  Asthma nocturnal susceptibility to
2 .   Beta-2-adrenoreceptor agonist
3 .   Longevity
4 .   Obesity susceptibility to
Gene/Pathway Relationship
1 .  Calcium signaling pathway
2 .  Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction
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